2.7.0-1 的 dashboard 功能有个 bug,表现为自定义的 Incident Dashboard 不生效(离开 Incident Overview 界面在返回,自定义的 Dashboard 就没了),在 2.7.0-2 上测试,无法复现这个问题,查看 iTop ChangeLog,2.7.0-2 有这么一条:

Fix: Dashlet added on a dashboard are gone when coming back to the dashboard

iTop 2.7.0-2 bug fix

由于此使 2.7.1 已经发布,看 ChangeLog ,有大量更新和 Bug 修复,因此打算直接升级到 2.7.1。详细变更如下。


  • Portal: Total count on Managed Brick is now accurate even when objects are in multiple tabs.
  • An attribute File can now be emptied by the user.
  • Auto-complete on external key takes into account obsolescence user preference
  • Search on Text containing “_” now possible without being used as a wildcard.
  • End user Wiki explains how to search for “%” character using “\%”, otherwise “%” matches any string
  • Dashlet Header statistic on ExternalKey, now displays friendlynames and no more ids
  • All Dashlet Title uses now Left alignment.
  • “Configure this list” shows obsolete data only if required by user preferences.
  • Providing an empty file as attachment is no more allowed (it was crashing iTop)
  • Improve user feedback on invalid transition: Silent or simple warning -yellow banner-, rather than error. A double click on a transition, or a browser back and force, no more generates any fatal error.
  • Limit searchable classes in a tree, to those allowed to the user, in a SearchMenuNode
  • Files integrity is controlled in the first screen of “Application upgrade” and a warning is displayed when the install is not conform
  • Align creation and update message on portal to console message
  • Allow to set return-path with \EMail::AddToHeader


  • Fix “cron” case in labels
  • Fix Export of html fields such as in Notification Actions
  • Portal : autocomplete keep selected value and use max_display_limitinstead of max_combo_length.
  • Prevent object form submission while a filter on depending field is under computation (to prevent saving of incoherent object)
  • Fix search on external key, when using the magnifier and a filter in the pop-up
  • Export of EventIssue object is now possible
  • History of AttributeEncryptedString no more interprets HTML tags
  • Fix OQL scopes generating malformed SQL query (corner case with UNION)
  • Add TLs Options on database restore command
  • Add mbstring as optional extension in setup
  • Fix infinite loops when logging with a Contact having a non empty TagSet field
  • Copy characters after a “<” character in a Copy operation on a Transition
  • dbClick to exit the “description” field when creating an incident on the portal
  • Fatal errors now log into error.log instead of setup.log


  • Backoffice theme: Add variable for menu group background color
  • ApplyStimulus: Rollback the object values when an action fails
  • GetAttributeFlag taken into account on form refresh with dependent field
  • Fix: GetTrackOrigin() now returns 'csv-interactive' value during csvimport
  • Fix error in file light-gray.scss
  • Clearer messages when an object update fails


  • Provisioning for hybrid auth fails
  • Fix “Undefined index: login_mode” Notice
  • Added support for REDIRECT_HTTP_AUTHORIZATION in basic authentication.

Fix regressions

  • Portal can again display more 10 attachments
  • OQL syntax error displayed in place of the widget (no more fatal error)
  • Fix syntax error with PHP 5.6 and TCPDF 6.3.4
  • Fix missing fulltext index for all AttributeSet on table creation (i.e. install from scratch) and update (migration).
  • Fix setup crash when having enum with values containing parenthesis
  • Fix filtering of unions with parent class
  • Fix backup not executed anymore
  • The AttributeDefinition::IsSearchable() method has been fixed to check complex attributes like External Fields.
  • Fix unsaved dashlet added on a dashboard
  • Fix alias renaming when already exists in one OQL of an UNION
  • “Printer Friendly Version” screen: Tabs now display labels instead of codes
  • Fix deletion of a single replica within a list


新版自带升级工具,只需要上传新版安装包即可,不需要像之前那样手动上传解压安装包。工具路径在 System->应用升级


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