VMware 11安装Windows 10自动调整分辨率

自动适应窗口无效,重装vmware tools依然无效。

关键词 ”vmware tools  windows 10 resize“ ,google到一个帖子,关闭3D图像可以解决此问题。[1]

19. Re: Vmware workstation 11 and Windows 10 Build 9926 auto resize not working

Master VMware Employees User Moderators
dariusd (1,988 自以下日期后的发帖 2009-9-19) 2015-1-29 下午2:53 (回复 Michael_Non)
Hi folks,

VMware engineering is aware of the issue. We'll continue to investigate and resolve the issue as appropriate.

Some users have reported that the issue may be worked around by disabling 3D accelerated graphics in the VM's settings. (That doesn't help if you need 3D accelerated graphics, though...)

We don't yet have information to share on the availability of a fix or whether it will arrive in the form of a VMware update or a Microsoft update.

Thanks for your patience,

步骤:关闭虚拟机,编辑虚拟机设置->硬件->显示器,取消勾选 加速3D图形。


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