Windows10, VMware Workstation 14, 网络为LAN

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  1. 使用NAT,但是NAT下无法使用traceroute
  2. 使用以下变通方案:

Hell ya - Thanks BruceXiongBruceXiong that worked for me.

In laymen’s terms…

Steps: 1. Open Virtual Network Editor
2. Add Network “VMnet*"
3. Choose “Host only”, NOT “Bridged”
4. Check Connect a host virtual adapter to this network
5. Make DHCP unchecked
- no need to write down the Subnet IP as it will be bridged to your physical adapter anyways.
6. Open Windows Network panel
6. Choose “VMware Network Adapter VMnet*" and your physical network card, right click, choose “Bridge” - How to Create a Network Bridge in Windows
7 - YouTube (Same process in Win10TP)
7. Wait for a moment, you will see a “Network Bridge” adapter
8. Configure network in VM to same subnet/gateway as your hosts ipconfig network gateway.
pings for everyone! No need to configure IPs anywhere other than the VM.

What we get for being early adopters…



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