asu获取IMM system event log

asu是IBM官方提供的一个命令行工具,全称IBM Advanced Settings Utility,可以对IMM进行操作。

You can use the IBM Advanced Settings Utility (ASU) to modify firmware settings from the command line on multiple operating-system platforms like RHEL, SUSE, ESX/ESXi, Windows (yes also WinPE). It supports BIOS code, Remote Supervisor Adapter firmware, Remote Supervisor Adapter II firmware, Baseboard management controller firmware. Also since ASU 3.60, RDCLI is included into ASU software suite. RDCLI is an utility that you can mount ISO or CD/DVD to a remote IMM system.[1]

Show the system event log

You can use the ASU command line to show the IMM system event log for the remote system.[2]

Command syntax


Table 1. Options
Option Description
--help Display help information for commands and exit without running the command.
Table 2. Connection options
Connection option Description
--host <ip> Address of the IMM server to operate on.
--user <userid> IMM user name to authenticate. The default is USERID.
--password <password> IMM password to authenticate. The default is PASSWORD.
--kcs Force the use of IPMI over the KCS local interface.

Command example







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