To save server resources and provide everyone with free web hosting we regularly remove inactive accounts. Account considered inactive if no website is uploaded or it did not received more than 10 visitors in 30 days. Website also should not contain text like under construction or similar.

Our automated checking system cannot find a website uploaded on http://bbsks.webatu.com so we believe it is inactive.
But, if you would like to continue using this account you can protect it against termination by visiting members area:

And if you do not need this account, do not respond to this email and account it will be removed in 7 days.

Thank you,

以前也听说IP少要删除账户,没在意,呵呵,原来真的如此。登陆一下,protect the account,然后就又拿回来了。不过另外一个空间,已经不能访问了,估计已经被删除了。


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